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we're new here. how do you get ascess to the weight room

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You can go through the office the door is in the back right, It'll take you to the hallway to the bathrooms where you can cut through.

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Brandy McKinley Employee

Hi Realebucs,

The Code and new entry information was posted on the my community tab, just for future reference :)

I'm so excited to tell everyone that the Fitness Center has a new entry system!

How to enter the Fitness Center?
You will enter a 4 digit code on key pad located by the door. Please push the door in a little then pull back and the door will open. The code will change every 3 months and we will notify you on as well as leaving a note on your door.

The New Code: 1478#

What to do with your ADT card?
Just bring it by the office. Please bring the card before June 15th.

Warmest Regards,
Brandy McWilliams
Community Manager