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elawar.haynes's picture
Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

The free wifi at Traver is not even worth it. 10 out of 10 times the signal is extremely low and the network is very slow when it actually connects-very very rare. My exp. with Airimba's customer service has never been pleasant. Every time I needed to call them, they blamed the problem on me and my complaints were never addressed. Pretty frustrating. The free WiFi is an added bonus to this community and we were actually looking forward to using it to save money. :o(

cjenkins's picture
cjenkins McKinley Employee

I appericate your feedback on the Wi-Fi service that we provide for you through Airimba. I apologize that you have not experienced WOW customer service from Airimba. I spoke directly with Airimba and the problem was the username and password. Airimba corrected the login information, I left you a voicemail to see if you're able to login with no problems.

Please follow up with me if you are experiencing the same issue.

Thank you for the beautiful plant and card! Please know that I am always here to assist you with your living needs at Traver Ridge!