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Feedback Question for The Villas

Why was an egg thrown at my door? Why is this property going south fast?

mzimmerman's picture
mzimmerman McKinley Employee

I am so sorry someone threw an egg at your door. I do not know why someone would do this. I will discuss this with team and have them keep an eye out for people possibly egging doors or loitering. We will continue to work with residents such as yourself to identify and remove any problem residents or guests of residents from the property. Thank you and I appreciate you letting us know what happened.

kristen.ramsden's picture
kristen.ramsden McKinley Employee

I was very sorry to hear that someone threw an egg at your door. I have alerted our LPS department to ensure that they are aware of the situation. Myself and my team are committed to removing any and all problem residents or guests. If you have any further problems please don't hesitate to phone me. Thank you again for letting us know what happened.

Kristen Ramsden

Senior Community Manager

The Villas

2911 Bynan Drive

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Phone: (734) 434-1743

Fax: (734) 434-5291

JohnTurpin's picture
JohnTurpin McKinley Employee

I'm sorry that this incident happened to your residence. Myself and my LPS Team are working on correcting these types of issues.

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.

John E. Turpin
Regional LPS Manager
Taylor and Eastern Regions