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Feedback Question for The Villas

I'm a little concerned about the Villas new lack of Security/Loss Prevention and the fact that we were not told about it in a timely manner. I saw another resident's recent stack of newsletters that they got a couple days ago. They live in another building. I mention that because I still haven't received my copy. It seems that the recent changes have been occuring out of order. McKinley has cancelled our access to Security/ Loss Prevention after hours. It happened a week ago, but we are only finding out about it now. Oh but we should be ok since at some time in the future they hope to have a neighborhood watch group in place. Wouldn't it have made more sense to already have an alternate program in place BEFORE making other changes? I know we are serviced by the Sheriff's department and that obviously we are to call 911 for emergencies. Are we to call 911 when another resident is smoking in the hallway or entrances? Or kids running up and down the hallways? So what happens when no one is interested in your Neighborhood Watch idea? JoanG, Building C

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You bring up a good point! I am Glad that the notes that were taken ,if any where taken, at the LPS Meeting we all made time to sit at was a complete waste of time and they never made it to Carrie. We have had a community watch program before and the same problems occur. Nothing has changed over the last 2 years I have lived here. The only changes that have occurred are not positive, constant change of property managers and each one has a new plan to start it all over and make it so much better and the crime rate and incidents on the property are only going up! So much for change, and listening to residents. Its hard to take ownership of your property when you have been trying to help for so long and nothing changes, we do what were told and it only gets worse.

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What good will calling the office at 2am because someone is smoking in the hall going to do?

Please understand our frustration. We are asked to attend an LPS meeting where we are told certain things are in place or are planned to make this a safer community and then less than two months later, lo and behold ANOTHER change in property managers and everything is thrown out the window.

While you were not present during the LPS Meeting, your boss was. As were all of the Villas staff. Surely someone took notes?

I think this property must hold the record for the number of Community Managers that have come and gone. I've been here 4 years and I can't begin to count how many staff changes there have been.

As I said previously, I have still not recieved the packet of information that was delivered to some of the buildings. As far as coming out to meet with you at the office, I'm disabled and your building isn't exactly handicap friendly.

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what about all the gun shots in building A? What are you planning to do about that?

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WOW! Where did I moved into.