Terrible Follow-Through and Empty Promises

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Feedback Problem for The Villas

Hello. My name is Marcus Nelson. I have lived in the Villa's apartments for almost 2 1/2 years now. Although I will say that the last 6 months have been by far my worst of my experiences. Back in March 2010 I went to renew my lease for my third year which would be from June 2010-2011. I was considering many other places at that time because I felt that my apartment was spacious but lacked an up to date look. I requested to have a dishwasher and upgraded cabinets for my apartment. The manager at the time was Deena and she promised it would be done but probably not until April or May when the budget would be reset. I was very patient as it allowed for me to avoid moving and get the accommodations I had asked for. I kept getting the run around for about 2 months as the manager cited she did not have a company that could do the work I requested. If that were the case then I should not have resigned my lease under those conditions. She did although tell me that she would do all she could to get a vendor who could handle the project. Well May comes around and nothing has changed. Still no vendor, still no cabinets, still unhappy resident. When I began to be more assertive in May or June, I was engaged by a totally different manager. I cannot remember her name but I was told she was managing Golfside Lake as well. She proceeded to say that she would work on it and see what she could do. I put my trust in her believing that a new manager would try to make an existing resident with a problem, get it resolved ASAP. That did not happen. I made numerous calls to her and all she could ever say was, I don’t have anything yet or I’m working on it. When I decided to go back up to the office I was introduced to yet another manager transitioning into the property. Her name was Kristen and came across as sympathetic to my problem so I hoped that she could take care of the issue once and for all. Well she partnered with maintenance and one of the maintenance workers knew of a company that could get the job done. The maintenance worker organized a meeting so that he could come to my apartment to take measurements and get a quote. I welcomed them into my unit in hopes that this would be a success finally. After taking the measurements, I called the office a few days later. Kristen said that she had accepted the quote and was having the cabinets made and ready for install into my apartment. Two weeks ago she said it would be there that week. I followed up with her this week and there is still no sign of the cabinets or dishwasher being ready for install. I hope this message reaches someone who actually has the power to get something done because all I have received it promises that have been broken time and time again. I feel that any other reasonable person would have crossed the line of livid a long time ago. I am just not reaching that point. I have paid The Villa’s on time faithfully and have been as patient as one can possible be. Also over my time at the Villa’s I have referred a minimum of 6 new residents. In fact during the last 2 months at the peak of this ordeal I have referred 2 more residents. If it weren’t for the financial benefit, I would not refer one soul to the Villa’s or any other McKinley property based on this terrible experience. In fact even those that moved in have been made well aware of the terrible follow up this property has. I am angry and feeling completely misled by the property managers and the company as a whole. I am great resident and don’t appreciate my problem not being expedited as it should have been months ago. It has now been six months since the original request for new cabinets and a dishwasher. Due to my frustrations I wish to either be compensated or have counter tops updated as well. Although McKinley hasn’t come through on its promises, I guarantee I will come through on mine. If this is not resolved in a quick and favorable manner, I will not be renewing my lease for 1 day longer than May 31, 2011. Contact me by phone 248 459 1758 or 248 497 3208 or mnelso11@emich.edu.

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kristen.ramsden McKinley Employee

Hello Marcus,

I can't wait to see your completed apartment home. I know the team has one more coat of paint to complete on your cabinets, and then carpet cleaning on Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you for all your patience during this project. We will speak with you very soon.

Best Wishes,

Kristen Ramsden