LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feedback Problem for The Villas

Building A's main lights (all hall way lights) are out not working, the leasing office notified 3 hours ago. emergency maintenance was called, and still lights out no reason why, no warning issued to residents, no mckinley staff on site to safely escort residents to their apartments. WE can not see to get a key in the door, we don't know who is lurking in the halls. We stopped at the main gate to get an escort or flash light and were told that he couldn't do anything and to call maintenance or DTE, then changed story after argument and said he would call his supervisor in 15 minutes. This is typical mckinley style problem solving, just push it on to some one else's plate until the resident forgets about it. This is a major safety issue, and I can honestly say I do not at all feel safe living at the Villas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's all you guy's ever say is i'm sorry but yet you do NOTHING to resolve any of our concerns. You are more then happy to take our rent and if we can't pay on time you give us a late fee, if all we said was were sorry that would not be good enough for you all, why is it ok for you to tells us that ALL the time?

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JMan is correct, how about instead of apologizing and offering an LPS team member(which no longer exist by the way), why dont you get the electrician to fix the emergency battery back up lights that are by law supposed to automatically come on in a power outage fixed that way we don't have to wait for some one to come fix it to safely walk up and down the Hall ways! As residents we have rights and i feel this company neglects to understand/realize that.

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I just stumbled across this post and can only speak to what I know, but on December 10th when the electricians were here to fix the electrical all of the main floor emergency lights stopped working by Noon. I went out around 10:30am and the only working emergency light at that time was the one closest to the north entrance, but by the time I got home, which was around 12-12:30 not one of the main floor emergency lights were working at all.