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Feedback Problem for The Villas

i am writing to inform you of a concern rergarding the security here at The Villas Apartment homes. My wife and I are residents here, and on Monday August 2nd at 8:35pm we were arriving home and noticed there was no gate attendant at the gate and the gates were left up. We were told when we signed a lease and moved in to our apartment that the gates would go down at 7pm every night and a gate attendant would be posted to check in any guests (guests would have to show picture ID and tell the attendant what apartment they were visiting.) This security was one of the deciding factors on us chosing to reside here at The Villas. We called loss prevention to make them aware of the issue. We were told he had to check the schedule, they figured out the problem and would try to get someone out here to attend the gate. Our balcony faces the gates at the entrance of the property, and as of 11:00pm there still appeared to be no one attending the gate, and the gates were still up. Over the past few months, we have had many issues with our apartment and service here at The Villas. Our time living here has been very disappointing and frustrating. My wife and I will not be renewing our lease in the spring, nor would we recommend The Villas to anyone we know who would be looking for an apartment. We simply wanted to make you aware of the issue, and thank you for you time.

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mzimmerman McKinley Employee

Thank you for your feedback. I am so sorry you have been disappointed and frustrated at the Villas. I have contacted the LPS Director and he will make sure that the patrol personnel cover the gates if someone is late or calls in. In addition, please email me your contact # directly so we can discuss the issues you have had at the Villas.
Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to discuss this with you.

Melanie Zimmerman