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Feedback Question for The Courtyards

So I'm wondering if these court charges will be reversed as stated to me before because the remaining rent of $255 was paid along with th other $50 dollar late charge... Ive never been late before on rent this was the first time and as well as it was only $255 left of a balance when was submitted for court which i think is a lil crazy considering more then half the rent was paid....Anyway i just need to know if those fees will be off thanks for your time... And did you recieve my fax yesterday?<br /> <br /> have a good day!!

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Still have not heard back about these fees being returned??

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dwoolley McKinley Employee

Hi Dayna - court fees are never reversed off. These are fees already charged by the courts at the time of filing. This month the court filing was on the 14th. (This time frame can change monthly depending on the courts calendar). Once this fee is charged to your account, it must be paid before the court date each month to avoid a judgement on your account. This month the court date is January 30th. Please call me if anything in this answer is confusing you.
Thank You!
Debi Woolley
734 941-5679

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So the 150.00 has to be paid by midnight tonight correct? I dont want any judgements over nothing on my record.