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Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

wall post<br /> <br /> e<br /> <br /> Irretated to have come into my home to move furniture in and find a drug on my floor. Its the management's/company's job to make sure the place is clean up to date and everything is secure before move in. I go into the office and all they can do is say they are making a report and to make a police report. Me just moving in should not have to come here and do the job they suppose to have done before I moved in even knowing I'm moving in days in advance before I move in. Also heat is free right? I have control over turning heat on off up or down all I can do is open and close my vents and freeze all through the day and night while maintenence keeps telling me to make sure the vents are open and wait 2 hours that turs into forever that I feel no heat. So angry about these issues. Ill try to get things situated but if I have anymore problems maybe I'll consider paying to break the lease instead of paying rent for the lease amount of months rent being unsatisfied and uncomfortable at a place I suppose to call home!!!!!!!!!

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dwoolley McKinley Employee

Hi Scantavia - please call me to discuss your issues. Debi Woolley 734 941-5679