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Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

So I planned on paying my $255 balance this friday morning when I'm paid yesterday Inoticed a late charge or $50 now today you guys added legal so how you excpect someone to catch up more then half the rent was paid so now you wanna file ?!?!?!?!?!? doesnt make sence to me I only had a balance of 255 left i had already paid late fees twice. but now u wanna slap on legal fees wow !!! Im disgusted with the way this place is ran I thought it was great to live in when I first moved in but its nothing but problems!!!!!! So you mean to tell me if I pay 305 thats inclduing the another late fee you charged me that you gonna hold that 150 on my account???? Because this is ridiculous you all had half so you knew you would get the rest. more then half is what you had. I need to know because I will fight that 150 becuase thats ridiculous , poeple are rude around there i babrely ever have working heat or hot water and you guys shovel more then you plow the parking lot. I need to know what amount to pay friday morning because im so unhappy with this place right now I may call the city...Thank you for your time

dwoolley's picture
dwoolley McKinley Employee

Hi Dayna - I am sorry that you are frustrated with your fees. The late fee schedule has not changed since you signed your lease and initialed that you understood the costs of paying your rent late. Legal fees are charged to your account the day of court filing, because that is when the court charges us. If rent is not paid in full on the first of the month, there is a $30.00 late fee on the 2nd. If we still do not have a resident's entire monthly rent by the 6th, there is an additional $50.00 late fee. If a resident has still not paid by the 12th (this date can vary by a day or two depending on the court's calendar) we seek legal remedy. Court costs are based on the amount of leaseholders and can range between $150 - $210 depending on the number of leaseholders. The amount charged back to the resident is determined by the courts.

I apologize if you are having problems with your heat and water. I do not see a work order for you since mid November. Please let us know exactly what issues you are having with your home so that we can put in a service request and take care of your needs when we call you today with your balance.
Thank you for letting us know your concerns.
Debi Woolley
734 941-5679