Crickets in my home!!!!!

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Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

I am not sure how they're getting in but on 2 different occasions there's been crickets in my home. The first cricket was on my blinds in the master room (Tuesday) and the second one was last nite (Sunday, September 21, 2014) in my daughter's room on her window ceil who is only 6! I'm guessing the windows but I need this to not become an issue here!

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ccarroll McKinley Employee

Hi LaToya,

We will make a work order to get all the little cracks and crevices sealed up in your home and hopefully keep those unwanted guests out! Please let us know if you have any other issues!

Cindy Carroll

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Hello Cindy, the maintenance order reads complete and close status however, nothing was done in my home. Usually when they enter they'll leave a maintenance order letting me know they were here. Also, tonight around 11:00pm (September 24, 2014) I noticed another cricket trying to enter thru my window. I just so happened to go to my daughter's room and saw another one on her window screen! This is getting out of hand! We need new screens that FIT each window with NO opened crevices and maybe some sorta extermination around my lawn! We've been living here a little over a year and never had this issue! I pay a lot of money here to live comfortably. I don't wanna go to bed afraid that me or my child will wake up with bugs on our bodies etc. I have a video and pictures. I've uploaded the photos to the maintenance request. Please see that this issue is fixed properly!