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Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

I've written before about this problem. High Speed means High Speed. The speed on the WIFI here is POOR to say the very least. It should NOT take 1.15 hours to upload a 30 second video, nor should my computer lose connection constantly. This problem MUST be solved. I WILL get Brighthouse High Speed Internet service and take the cost off my rent, I am serious. I do not call this poor service an amenity - it's more of a pain in the butt! Put in more routers, do something, this is unacceptable. Diane Howley

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vpatel McKinley Employee


Thanks for your feedback on our WiFi service and sorry to hear that you're having connection and speed issue. I'd love to stop by your place to diagnos the problem and get this resolved for you asap. Please let us know what date and time works for you. You can either contact me or our leasing staff for your availiblility.


Viren Patel
Reg. Systems Coordinator
McKinley, Inc.

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It is January 2012 and we are experiencing the same trouble. Can an upgrade be made yet?

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same here

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I switched over to Brighthouse cable high speed w/wifi after the response 1=1/2 years ago. I have little time to wait for uploading & downloading. Yes, I have to pay for it, but I bundled, it's cheaper, and faster. However, with WIFI anywhere, there are always high volume times of the day when the internet is slow. I know it's an ammenity here, but really not worth it.