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Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

Let me first say that I am very please with the staff at Sun Pointe. Cedric, Carl, Jared, and Bonnie. In fact, Jared helped me move in a large amount of my furniture into the apartment. I've never seen that in all my 74 years of living. That someone working for the apartments would have that type of care and concern. Well let me get down to it, I have a problem with the air quality in my apartment, and I asked to have the ducts cleaned. Carl was very nice about it, and told me he would get back with me about the process. I spoke to Cedric and also informed me the same. These guys are nice, don't get me wrong, and poor Carl is about to kill himself out here running like a bat out of hell. What I have come to realize is that when I request something, I know it costs, but it's not my concern. And it shouldn't be the managements concern either, but I ran a business for 35 years, so I understand someone dictates the cash flow. And which it should. But not to the point where they don't know how to tell me that they can't spend the money to do it. Which they didn't say that, I could tell. What I am saying is that I know all about budgets, but I also know that Carl and his team(Carl especially) are working WAY too hard and DOING WAY TOO MUCH! I see the man cleaning everything from the pool to the parking lot. I have been retired a long time, and I know how to run a business, and if I had someone like Carl working for me, I'd still be in business. The main point is, if he's over worked, then how can I get the "Mckinley" service you all claim to offer? I can't, but i am getting the best effort I could ever ask for. As for my apartment, my cabinets are falling apart. Like I mentioned earlier, I would like my ducts cleaned. These are things that Carl shouldn't be responsible for. I hope this doesn't make him or Cedric or anyone else look bad because they try hard. I just want someone to know from a resident's perspective that I see the BIGGER problem. Not just mine. Thank you for your time. Don

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Jared3211 McKinley Employee

Greetings Don,

Thank you for using this valuble tool to address your concerns. I am going to contact Cedric about your concerns immediately, and we are aware of the air duct situation. I will do my best to make sure all these issues are taken care of.

On behalf of our manager, Cedric, Carl, and Bonnie, we are here anytime you need us.

Well Regards,


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khensley McKinley Employee

Hi Don,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I agree, the team at Sun Pointe is amazing. I know how hard they all work and we truly appreciate Cedric, Carl, Jared and Bonnie. I also appreciate the fact that you are pleased with them too.

I remember walking your apartment with Cedric and Carl and we agreed we would clean your air ducts. I talked to Cedric today and he said he would get with you to schedule a time. I sincerely apologize that this has not been done. I can assure you the reason this has not been completed is not a budget issue. I agree, this should have been done and we will make this right. I will also get with Carl to find out the situation with your cabinets so we can also get this addressed.

I promise, this does not reflect negatively on anyone. We appreciate the perspective of our residents. The only way we can improve our service is to hear from our customers.

If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know.