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Feedback Praise for Sun Pointe

I have lived here at Sun Pointe for almost a year. I love it here! I love the fact the apartment is cute and cozy. Just enough space. The staff is awesome. I recommend these apartments to anyone who asks. I tell them them you'll feel right at home. Thank you. Susie

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Jared3211 McKinley Employee

Thank you so much for your praise Susan. We are as excited to have you as you are living here. As always we are here if you need us, and on behalf of the staff at Sun Pointe, Thank you.

Well Regards,


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AlbertLBerriz McKinley Employee


Thank you so much for living with us at Sun Pointe! It's great to hear that you love living here. Cute and cozy is perfect!

I agree with you completely that the staff is awesome. Jared, Cedric, Carl and the rest of the team are all outstanding people.

Thank you for your feedback!