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Feedback Idea for Sun Pointe

I would feel alot safer at Sun Pointe if they had Electric Stoves and Ovens in the apartments. I know that they are trying to fix the leaks and the problem but whos to say somone doesn't realize that their stove is leaking and goes and lights a candle and the place blows up. The walls are not that thick to protect the person beside you. I am just saying... Not to be a pest cause the property is very nice and quiet and I like it here. But would feel alot safer.

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dallasboy69 McKinley Employee

Hello Eeldesigns,
Thank you for being a resident of Sun Pointe, I'm so glad you like it here. My goal is to make sure you and all the residents of Sun Pointe feels comfortable and live in an enjoyable environment. I will look into the gas-stove concerns you have and do my best to resolve that any and any other issues you may have.

We take any and all comments seriously and want you know you concerns are very important.

Thank you

Cedric Hendrix
Property Mananger
Sun Pointe and Sun Pointe Lake