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I've been here over one year and when I signed my lease so many promises and to date none of these promises have been made. False Advertising I would say to get people to sign leases for comissions. Security was my concern when I moved in and to date no security. I keep being told we are working on it ~ this has been over a year! Valet trash pickup was another reason for my moving in ~ what a nice amenity. Nope decided not to do it. Covered parking eventually another good reason to sign a lease. Nope not going to do it. Pest control on a monthly basis? Nope I've seen once when I 1st moved in. A/C filters on a monthly basis ~ its a joke ~ I've been asking for one for weeks and weeks and still no filter. Fire Alarm test at 7am?? What is up with that and no notification to residents. This really is bad on animals let alone us. Would be nice to have a Newsletter monthly to inform residents of community affairs and for residents to place items for sale etc.....or a Bulitin board in the laundry rooms. Whats going on with Management!!!! Darlene Bennett

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cford McKinley Employee

Hi Darlene,

Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns about Seaside Villas. The gates have been an issue and I apoligize for it taking so long to recitify. We are in the process of downloading our resident data and hope to have it operational by the 15th.

Of the problems mentioned I can correct a few immediately. Our pest control service is bi-monthy per buidling. They are on site weekly for individual calls. If you would like to be put on a monthly schedule, we can do that. I will also have Bill come over and change your a/c filter. This can also be scheduled monthly.

I realize that you were one of our first residents and we had anticipated some different things. We had talked about trash pickup and covered parking, but due to not enough parking spaces at the community, we were unable to get permission from the city to put in the covered spots. The door to door trash service was considered, but we would have had to pass on a minimal cost of $25 per resident for this service and we didn't want to pass that additonal cost on to the community.

I love the newsletter idea. I remember when you moved in, and I would love to talk to you in person. I will be at SSV today and on Wednesday. The managment has changed recently, with Jessica taking another position with our company in Brandon. We have new manager, Alice Cahill and Tisha and Bill are still part of this team.

Darlene, I want you to be happy in your home and I appreciate your open and honest feedback. I am committed to working on these issues and making Seaside Villas a better place for you to live. My cell is 727-479-22171. Thank you again.

Cecelia Ford
Associate Vice President
Southern Region

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Thank you Cecelia for the prompt reply ~ I'm looking forward to Thursday evening bayside meeting. I hate to complain about anything ever, but there comes a point at times where issues must be addressed. I had to laugh when the 15th came and went and still no security gate ~ ~ I realize Management has their hands full, but just keep tenants updated on issues by a monthly newsletter, which would really help make this "community" feel like a "community"............Live ~ Laugh ~ Love ~ Life is Too short!!