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As you may have noted in one of my comments in our Ridgecrest group here, I have noticed, along with many of my neighbors, that there has been an influx of rude visitors here lately. I reckon there are many folks at the pool that do not even live here, nor are they being tended to by residents. I've noticed a significant number of people crashing at two particular apartments. I do not think they live here because they were being directed by others (i.e. "It's the apartment to your left.") and these are the very people that are littering in front of our balcony areas and in other common spaces. To add insult to injury, these folks have very foul mouths on them and seem to be drunk a major portion of the day. I know there is only so much that can be done to police such behavior, especially when there are paying residents in question; however, it is not fair to those of us that know how to be responsible adults to have to deal with immature individuals that think they are still in a high school/college party. In the past week alone, I've had to clean up random dog droppings, food particles, beer cans, chicken bones, empty cigarette packs, and the like. I do it because I do not want my dog to have a choking hazard and, quite frankly, it irks me to have to look at my once beautiful surroundings in total disarray. I think the powers that be as well as fellow residents must be made aware of these dire circumstances so that we can all monitor the situations and be more mindful of our guests and fellow residents alike. I am also sure there are stipulations in our lease about having people stay at one's apartment for extended periods of time, especially when the people on the lease are not even home. I think someone is breaking rules. I won't be a snitch but I'm sure that, with a little asking around and connecting the dots, the main offenders will be self-evident.. and hopefully we can restore some normalcy around here. Believe me, it's one thing to have fun. I'm all for fun but some folks need to respect boundaries and realize that this is not their own personal playground. These walls are pretty thing too, and there are just some things you don't want to hear when it gets quiet... *AHEM* I hope you get my drift here. I appreciate your time and consideration in the aforementioned matters.

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Now, I hope we can promote this site better so people can click the "I Have This Problem Too" button. Something just had to be said. With each passing day, more rude people and occurences seem to come into play. The people causing these disturbances need at least a slap on the hand. I'm talking about simple common sense and common courtesies that some individuals are clearly lacking. Let's not forget the hanky-panky and horseplay going on at the pool. Come on, people: there are kids around! Let's pretend we a grown-ups here and behave. ;)

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khensley McKinley Employee

Hi Yogizilla,

We appreciate your feedback. Cheryl will be contacting you to get more information on the issues you have been experiencing so that she can address them.

We 100% agree that residents should be courteous of their neighbors. We will address the violations so that every resident is happy living at Ridgecrest.

Thanks again
Regional Property Manager