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Feedback Praise for

I have to say, I've looked around and found tons of web sites where people leave apartment communities simply because the staff is unresponsive, patronizing, or just plain lazy. Noisy neighbors and poor maintenance are some of the top complaints. Bad news obviously travels faster than good news so I want to make it known that I appreciate Cheryl and her team's effort to remind our neighbors about common courtesies they seemingly were unaware of. The residential noise, litter, and disturbances as a whole have died down significantly. Understandably, there's only so much property management can do when it comes to unruly residents but it's nice to know that our safety and comfort matters here. Hopefully, our neighbors will see that this is not a community that stands idly by when there are issues that affect as a whole. I've seen a decrease in puppy land mines as well. I am confident that people will realize that you can't simply let your dogs run freely and go wherever they want. My only lament is that we are considering moving this year because we need a bigger place. It's a shame there are no McKinley properties in the area that offer affordable 3 to 4-bedroom apartments. Maybe we can stick it out. I really do love Summers here at Ridgecrest! Anywho, kudos to the team again! Lord knows we've all lived at places where you make complaints and they fall upon deaf ears but, here, you don't just get YESed to death. You guys are AWESOME! :D