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Perhaps our Poop Patrol could get a break if we had some poopie stations by the desginated "dog walk" areas. In the long-run, it'd save McKinley money to pay for baggies then to have people go around with a poop-scoop and clean up after people that do not know how to curb their dogs. Not to mention this would also help with customer loyalty (I can't think of anyone that likes stepping in poo or having their pets do the same) and keeping our environment beautiful (and not smelly). This would be FAR more helpful than the apparently random cutting down of trees and bushes that has taken the forefront lately. Personally, I don't find the expense of poopie baggies that exorbitant so no one has an excuse; however, it'd be prudent to facilitate good practice rather than to make it easier for people to just not bother. Clearly, people leave their apartments and forget to bring baggies, then they simply do not remember or bother to come back out and clean things up. A few strategically-placed poopie stations would curb such laziness and negligence. It may also help to have pest control use some natural solutions for warding the millions of ants, fleas, and ticks that seem to hang out in the provided puppy space. Quite frankly, I'm just tired of people coming from the other side of the complex just to have their furry companions leave some fecal land mines in front of my apartment and this only seems to happen more often as provided spaces become less and less usable due to pests and waste hazards. Speaking of fecal land mines, whomever it is that lets their dog walk around unattended, spreading his waste material randomly about, please stop. I will let my dog eat your dog if need be. J/K.. But, seriously, watch your dogs and clean after them please. It's the courteous and responsible thing to do. I believe the lease stipulates that dogs must be kept on a leash, unless they are in the "puppy play" area(s). It's not a matter of breed restriction or demeanor. A dog will be a dog. Supervision is imperative. Such supervision can be compared to how children are not to be left unattended by the pool, which makes sense since kids and pets alike can get unruly, no matter how well-behaved they may normally be. Somehow, people seem to miss this logic. Perhaps we can have one those useful memos go out to everyone so that everyone is on the same page here.

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khensley McKinley Employee

Hi Yogizilla,

Thanks again for your feedback.

I agree it is annoying when people do not pick up after their pets.

We do have doggie stations on the property; we will look at moving them to more appropriate areas where people are walking their pets.

Can you please call or email Cheryl to let her know exactly where you are having issues so we can have our groundskeeper clean up the area.

I want to thank you for being a responsible dog owner. We appreciate your concern.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Regional Property Manager

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I just wanted to mention that I have discussed this issue in detail with Cheryl and gang. Steps are being taken to remedy the situation so I'm a happy camper. It'd be nice to have more doggie stations and clearer signage indicating where dogs should be walked. On that vein, the tall grass in those areas should be cut down to lessen the chances of hidden mess and critters.

It should also be notice that many of the residents here are not really aware of where the puppy park and dog walk areas are. It's evident in their walking habits and what they say when we make mention of it. For some, the infractions thereof may be due to mere negligence and/or laziness but, for others, a friendly reminder may be all that is needed.

Perhaps our newsletter can include things more pertinent to our community here at Ridgecrest. In that manner, people won't feel like they are being singled out but, on the same token, they'll feel ashamed of themselves for not taking better care of their pets and abode alike.

Cheryl, what's your e-mail again? As you can see, I'm more of a written communicator than a verbal/oral one. Haha...