Bayside Villas East Apartments
1846 Shore Drive South
South Pasadena, Florida, 33707

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Feedback Question for Bayside Villas East

I received a Notice of Intent to Renew or Not to Renew that was posted on my door. The letter was addressed to Kathy Hrad and the date listed as the lease expiration was 07/14/2019. I'm not sure if this is a mix up but my lease expires on 07/21/2019 and my name is Kathryn Hayes. If this notice was meant for me, please correct and redeliver. As I read the dates, I need to notify the management by 05/22/2019 as to my intent to renew my lease. Thank you, Kathryn Hayes #108

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aja.henry McKinley Employee

Hello Kathryn,

I am so sorry your name was spelled incorrectly on your notice. I will have a new notice delivered to you today and we will verify your lease end date for accuracy. Please let us know if you need anything else. 

I hope you have a great day!