Hot water and so many problems

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Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I only been here 9 1/2 months and I read the reviews on this place but still gave it a try but the reviews are so right. I will be adding a review on google today also. Since I been here our hot water has been cut off atleast 13 times and 2 of those times it was for more then 2 days.. What the best part is, is that you guys give us a notice stating lunch is on you!! a $5 subway gift card!!! are you kidding me! My wife doesnt even eat at subways..What about the $39.99 hotel fee we paid just to take a damn SHOWER!!!! My lease is up soon and I cant wait to go... I love the letters you people leave me on my door to extend my lease HAHAHA but Im not going to put down all of Mckinley, just this Monterey place.. Theres a 30% chance ill think about moving into another Mckinley place once my lease is up, if the price is right in that area

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nsmith McKinley Employee

I apologize for the water issues, however I have been the manger for 3 months and I have never had the Hot water turned off for more than a few hours. Cold water is always available during the cut off period and you are always given notice as to when the water will be turned off. It is very important to me that my residents have hot water when they get home from work, myself included.
I hope that you understand why the water has been turned off several times. When this community was built Orlando was not nearly as big as it is now so all the underground plumbing is less than 1/2 inch copper piping. When the water pressure is increased in order to service Sea World, etc it breaks our pipes underground. We have no way of controlling this, but we are working on re-piping so that this inconveience will cease.

Thanks for communicating your frustration.

Natasha Smith

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I've been here for 5 months and have only experienced no hot water ONE time - and we had a notice to warn us.