16yrs Resident of Monterey Lake

Monterey Lake Apartments
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Orlando, Florida, 32821

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Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

To whom it may concern, it is time to give you my opinion of the new employees that have taken care of your property. Starting with Khan Miller as he has been here the longest. Khan as not only been efficent but professional and self sacrificing. Whenever his men are busy he makes sure this 16 year resident is taken care of. Next is Dorothy, she is always here ready to help with any situation I have encountered. Brant is a hyper kind of guy that gets things done in an excelerated rate! When I call the office he is always on hand to answer the phone and help me with any need I need, even things like printing my board pass when I go visit my brother in New York! Eyra, has a strong personality which helps anchors the team while Tiago is very laid back and deals with my own hyperness when I enter the office. Its like a fresh breeze waiving the trees on a beach. I have seen many managers come through these doors and Natasha is the only one that in the short time she has been here understands what this property need. She accomplishes things and sticks to her word! I am not the easiest resident to handle but this office staff always finds a way to oblige my needs. As regionals goes, I have known Alexis since she was a sales person at this property. She has grown in so many ways and still knows how to deal with me! All of the maintance staff especially Hector have been there for me! I am disabled and Hector has gone out of his way to help me with my garbage due to the fact I am on the second floor! After 16 yrs in the same apartment, I am now moving to a two bedroom on the 1st floor with Brant and Natasha's help! I am not moving from an apartment to an apartment but an Apartment to a Home! Thank you Monterey Lake and I hope you will take into concideration this whole team! As they are my family! Fanny Berger Apartment U210

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TiagoMaia McKinley Employee

Fanny - Thank you for the kind words! We love you as a resident and hope you are here for another 16 years!!! As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to make your days here at Monterey Lake more pleasant!

-Tiago Maia

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nsmith McKinley Employee


Thanks for the kind words. We are here for you!