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Feedback Idea for Medical Center Court

1. Is it possible for a sign to be posted regarding wiping down the equipment with the sanitizer in the fitness center after use?? I have only seen one person do this and flu season is coming up soon... 2. The fitness center has a light that turns off after 30 minutes... When I am on a cardio machine for a while, the light turns off and it is pitch black in there- It is very dangerous to step off of the machines and wander towards the sensor without running into other equipment!

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msherwood McKinley Employee

Thank you for your suggestions! I will post a notice regarding the use of sanitation wipes as soon as I am back in the office tomorrow morning. I will also discuss with maintenance the options regarding the timer on the light sensor. These are great ideas!

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msherwood McKinley Employee


The light switch as been replaced and the sign has been posted.

Thanks again!

Meagan Sherwood
Senior Sales Associate
We ♥ Our Residents!

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thank you so much for that quick response and making those changes so promptly!

I appreciate it!