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Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

I've let the office know that our A/C has been having problem's for 3 months. I've let someone in the office know about this problem and my roomate has contacted them at least 3 times about it and have only to hear "We will let maintainace know", "Oh, it will be fixed ASAP".... I'm currently 6 months pregnant and am absolutely HATING this 90+ weather and have herd this is NOT good for a unborn child's health. I would just really love to come home to a chilled house but can't have that. The A/C has just so happen to go out in our bedroom where it is the hottest room in the house and VERY hard to sleep at night.. Just wondering when or IF this will ever get fixed or who I could contact so this is NOT a problem anymore..? Getting very aggravated about this.

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ahalstead McKinley Employee

Thanks for letting me know your concern. I would like to get you taken care of asap. Could you please give me a call or email me at to let me know which apartment you are in?


Amy Halstead

Asst Regional Manager
Mckinley in Champaign