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Jbernauer's picture
Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I can't understand why McKinley doesn't address the real problem at the lakeside pool. There is no water circulation. There are four outlets for the water, three are completely clogged and one is partially clogged. This is causing the pump to work beyond its capacity. Probably the reason the pump shuts off. Very soon, the pump will be totally burned out and we'll have no pool. Instead of spending money on all the clorine being thrown into the pool, get the lines unclogged and clean the pool daily. Look at the water circulation at the other pool and look at that pool's clarity and you will see the difference.

jus2fix's picture
jus2fix McKinley Employee

Dear jbernauer,

We are working with our pool contractor to see any overall issue with the pool.
Thank you for your concern.

maintenance supervisor

rhythm1006's picture

Angel: You may wish to check the back pool for the same problems. At times, I take my 4 year old daughter swimming, and the chlorine ph levels are so high it burns our eyes. Several times, I have looked at the drain outlets and seems there is no circulation. Other times, I've come to the back pool to see the surface with floating dirt, bugs, residue, etc. How often do the pools get cleaned with a skimmer? How often are the drain reservoirs cleaned? We have just moved in and because the back pool is dirty frequently, we use the lakeside pool. Thank you.