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Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I live in 2379 twin lakes dr building and the guy who lives in [removed for privacy concerns] is really noisy. Its like living near a disco. The music is loud as well as TV volume. The guy is doing this everyday no matter whether it 3 A.M or 9 P.M. Is there anything you can do about that?

Mason2455's picture

We have had a similar problem in our building. There is an actual band that practices next door to us, at all hours. We have complained to the office and they are still practicing, and it almost seems they are louder than ever. Even when I turn my TV up or turn a fan on, I can feel it through the ground. How many complaints have to be filed before something is done?

Mason2455's picture

I have called the apartment office about this twice and we filled out a complaint form and it's still going on and it's louder than ever. I highly doubt any action has even been taken.