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christopher's picture
Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Dear Management of Evergreen Apartments, May 2, 2010 We are tenants in apartment 10-2 and we have brought up the situation of the water damage in the kitchen due to leaking of water. Last month maintenance came by and found a leak in a different apartment and has made arrangements to fix it. The same problem is still happening and now it has became a health hazard, there are high levels of water around the refrigerator and the stove. There is now water in the carpet in the dining room leading to the kitchen that has started to produce mildew. The pantry closet in the kitchen is also expels water onto the floor. Behind the stove and refrigerator the flooring is peeling up where its meet the wall and there is an outlet 3-5 inches from the floor behind the stove. The water behind the stove is 1 inch from touching the outlet and now has became a hazard to continue to cook. I have a very low and weak immune system due to my Multiple Sclerosis and chemo that I take every month and can’t continue to live in these conditions. If the problem is not fixed within 30 days of May 3, 2010 we will have to contact the proper authorizes and break our lease agreement with Evergreen Apartments. Sincerely, Christopher M. Norton Darshell C. Coleman

mzimmerman's picture
mzimmerman McKinley Employee

Thank you for letting us know that you were still experiencing issues. I am so sorry for this additional leak. I had Clint go over and trace where the leak is located and complete the repair. Please let me know if you have any further issues. Thank you again.

sgulledge's picture
sgulledge McKinley Employee

Hello Christopher & Darshell,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

Just to recap the visit to your home on Monday, 5-3-2010. We were able to eradicate the water leak in addition we had the living & dining carpet, cleaned and deodorized.

We will return on Friday, 5-7-2010 to replace the kitchen vinyl. A follow up visit will be completed Friday afternoon to be sure everything is working properly.

If any concerns, please feel free to call the Maintenance Shop at 734-971-2512.

Thank you for your patience.

Evergreen Maintenance