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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Im having a dirt problem. A bunch of dirt keeps coming into the patio everytime it rains i lived on the first floor and got a tree next to me and everytime it rains more n more dirt gets in to the patio and its full of dirt n thick from so much dirt pilling up, maybe you guys can blow- it out(blower) cause its soo thick with dirt and add some type of trail where the water can run to instead of my patio. thanks an if it can be done ASAP thanks.

khensley's picture
khensley McKinley Employee


I am so sorry to hear you are having problems with rain and dirt on your patio. We will have a member of our maintenance team visit your home tomorrow to assess the problem and find a solution. We are very sorry you have had to deal with this situation but we will work very hard to fix it.

Thank you for making Conway Forest your home.


FTQQ533810's picture

I have a problem with balcony rain. When the rain flows in a certain direction, it floods my 2nd floor apartment balcony carpet. I also have trouble with water coming in on the 3rd floor and then leaking through the cracks down on to my balcony. Maintenance has tried to resolve the 3rd floor leaking issue, but as of yet, we haven't had a good rain to tell if the "fix" has resolved this issue.

I don't mind some rain coming in. I do mind my balcony carpet being flooded and having to set out multiple pots and pans and shower curtains on the carpet to catch water coming down from 3rd floor every time it rains. It takes a week or better for the carpet to dry out if I'm not home to set up these preventative measures. I've been dealing with this for the 1+ year I have been here.

However, with the exception of the balcony/rain issue, I truly love my apartment!