Patio flooding, Paint Chipping, dirt coming onto patio constantly

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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I've complained about the patio of my unit before. I called today and spoke with Tabitha, and she said she would send someone out. No-one came out. I complained about trash being left outside my patio screen, and the hole in my screen. I have complained about the palmetto bug infestation inside my unit and on my patio. I come home to 3-4 palmetto bugs inside my unit after every work trip i take, and have to kill another 2-3 on my patio. Maintenance has painted my patio blue again, and because of the flooding the paint keeps chipping, and looks horrible. I can guarantee you would not rent my unit in that condition, and paying almost 800.00 a month, it needs to look better. I have offered solutions to no avail. I have bought bamboo type screen curtains to hang to try to keep the rain out, but the flooding is ground level. I cannot reach my laundry room when its like this without tracking water all through out my apartment, and paint chips. I think a tile of some sort needs to be put down, so that there is no more paint chipping on my patio and doesnt have a plain cement look.. I want a nice space where i can live and feel at peace. Please look into this problem and correct it for me once and for all.

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t.rozier McKinley Employee

I am so sorry to hear that you have had a problem with your patio. I would be happy to look in to this and see what options we have to improve the look of your outside space. We will have pest control treat your apartment on Tuesday and we will repair your screen today. I will ask the facilities director to come out to evaluate and assess what can be done to minimize the water on your patio. I look forward to working with you to get these items resolved to your satisfaction. Thank you so much for reaching out to me an offering me the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations.
Best Wishes,

Tiffany Rozier
Community Manager
Conway Forest Apartment Homes