Dumpster Over-flow - 10/24/10

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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

With regards to my phone call to maintenance this weekend for the grossly over-flowing dumpster, the residents, nor any on-call maintenance person, would or should have to deal with this crazy nasty issue, if a timely maintenance policy were adopted and adhered to. The weekend over-flows happen frequently. This weekend was the worst I've seen in my year+ of Conway Forest residency. Garbage and flies were "literally" over-flowing out into the parking lot. Not acceptable. As residents have to pay a monthly fee for the one dumpster on site, a first for me in apartment residency without a daily, front door pick-up, we should not have to deal with this issue. I'm requesting, for the benefit of all residents, that maintenance adopt a policy of checking the dumpster weekly on Thursday/Friday in preparation for the weekends when we have a lot of move in/outs and closet/spring cleaning activity. If the dumpster is half way full by Thursday/Friday, a call would be placed to have it emptied before the weekend, thus avoiding weekend overflows all together. Issue resolved! Thank you for your prompt consideration of my request and any action(s) taken! Note: Residents are no longer able to help maintenance by pressing a key to compress trash as the key has been missing for a week+. May we please have another key?

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t.rozier McKinley Employee

I am so very sorry you had this problem over the weekend. You are absolutley correct this is not an issue that can go unresolved. I along with my team will be taking this under advisement on Monday to come up with a long term solution. I know that a member of the maintenance was there to resolve this on Saturday and we want to make sure it does not happen again. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention and rest assured we will be looking into a speedy remedy. Thanks again for all of your insight

Tiffany Rozier
Community Manager