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Feedback Problem for Champaign House

I had called in to the local office to complain about the blinds since my daughters wasnt working right. When I called and spoke to someone starting with a J they said oh you have been there 6 years instead of fixing them why dont we replace them. I said wonderful due to they are pretty crappy looking. It took a month later for maint to come out after I had to call 4 to 5 more times when I thought I was getting new ones. They come out fix the one and dont say anything. So I called the office to speak to Amy the manager and she states if they can be fixed they fix them. My issue is why would the office state they would replace them and then dont after it took two months for them to even come look at them. I have multiple problems with maintenance in the last year and half and have no confidence that things will get done and if they do it is not timely. I have to call in multiple times for the same problems before anything is done. I had never had any problems the previouse 4 and half years.

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ahalstead McKinley Employee

Thanks for the feedback. I would like to personally come out and look at your apartment. While it is our normal procedure to repair rather than replace items when possible, I would like to see your blinds. If they need replaced- we will be more than happy to do so. I would also like to find out the other issues in your apartment do that I can addresss your concerns appropriately. Please email me at or call me at the office 217-356-4012 so that we can set up a time. I am sorry that your expereince has not been an excellent one. I would truly like the opportunity to change that. We are so happy you live at Champaign House and want to make sure your love living here!


Amy Halstead

Asst Regional Manager
McKinley in Champaign