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Feedback Idea for Champaign House

I am very pleased with living at Champaign House, there are just a few things that would help improve my experience. The most important perhaps is a security issue. All of the parking spots are numbered with our apartment numbers, this is at times convenient; however, it makes it so anyone who wanted to break in could immediately see who was home and who wasn't. A numbering system that did not match apartment numbers would be a more secure method. Tenants could just be assigned a parking space, also that way if parking spaces needed to be rearranged, you would be able to just assign someone a different number. Another thing is that there is poor drainage in the parking lot, my parking spot is in a lake, making it nearly impossible to get to my car anytime there is any rain, also the sidewalks flood, improving this would be a big project, but I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. The last thing is that that it would be nice to have decent outlets in the bathrooms as the ones that are there currently do not accommodate all appliances. I don't mean to sound like I am griping, I really do enjoy staying here, those are just some ideas of what can be done to better improve things.

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ahalstead McKinley Employee

I am so glad you are enjoying being at Champaign House- we are so glad you are here! I will look into the idea for our parking spaces- what a GREAT suggestion! We are looking at the drainage and have come up with a few solutions. You should see improvements very soon. In addition, we would be glad to add some outlets in your bathroom. Please give me a call so we can get it scheduled.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

Have a great day!

Amy Halstead

Asst Regional Manager
McKinley Champaign

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lmoubray@mckinl... McKinley Employee

Dear Aaron,

First and foremost, thank you for the feedback regarding your experience at Champaign House. I believe that feedback is a gift which gives us, your management team the opportunity to make improvements where we can. I will be speaking with Amy your Community Manager and Brad your Maintenance Supervisor regarding your assigned parking idea. We will absolutely address the drainage issue in the parking lot so you are not struggling to get to and from your vehicle. I'm not sure what your address is but if you contact the leasing office at 217-356-4012 we can schedule to have a member of our maintenance team stop by to look at the outlet in the bathrooms to ensure they are working properly to accomodate your needs.

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you are doing at Champaign House. I am happy to hear that you love your home and living in one of our communities. Please keep the feedback coming!!

Have a wonderful day!
Leslie Moubray