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I am constantly picking up trash in my hallway. Parents are allowing their children to play in the hallways and I have found huge rocks, toys on the steps, newswpaper thrown all over the hall, water poured on the slippery areas. I have also walked out onto my patio and tripped over a bicycle that was just thrown onto the grass. The bike belongs on the upstairs patio. Also, the same children that are destroying the hall are playing in the parking spots and can be hit if the person parking isn't watching very carefully.I have made many complaints and I am assuming it was addressed but shortly after it all starts over again. I have seen the children wondering out late at night and also a baby in diapers walking around playing with the air conditioning units without any adult supervision. I went to tell the parent about the child playing with the plug on the ac and I couldn't get the parent to come to the door and had to tell a child that was about 8 yrs old to get the child away from the wires. I have lived here at Carmel Woods for many years and this is a constant problem that started this past summer

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Thanks for the update, I'm sorry this is happening and assure you we will are on top of it! The entire team knows what's up and will be keeping an eagle eye on your building. In addition, I'll be having conversations with everyone in your building today! Thank you for helping us keep our community enjoyable for everyone. It's gonna be a hot one this weekend, see you at the pool! ;)