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If you live above someone, please have some consideration for the people that live below you. The floors are very thin and it gets very aggravating when you hear stomping all the time and it sounds like someone is going to come thru the ceiling.

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Hi Nathan,
I have been very patient about the noise above me. I have made several complaints to the office. It is honestly to the point that I want to move. It is unbearable and i just don't understand how someone can be that noisy and not see that it is bothering the person below them. I don't know what to do other than keep complaining but it gets no better. I have been told that they have been notified but obviously, they don't care. Please make this better! It is driving me crazy! Thanks, Rita

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Sublime141 McKinley Employee

I completely agree, we all need to be considerate of our neighbors, no matter where we live. Please feel free to call the office or the courtesy officer (if it's after hours) the next time you hear the noises. We would be glad to talk to you neighbor. Usually, in the case of noisy neighbors, they have no idea they're being loud and when they find out they can be heard they quiet down.

In everyone's lease it reads:

"Section 9
Resident's Responsibility
Resident understands that they are living in a multiple residence apartment community and that the mutual cooperation between all residents and Landlord is essential in order to provide a pleasant environment for everyone within the community. Therefore, Resident agrees that he/she, his/her guests, agents or invitees shall act in an orderly fashion and shall not do anything which might cause a disturbance, nuisance or an eyesore to the other residents or to Landlord, it's employees or agents."

Hopefully your neighbors will respectfully quiet down. If not, call me. 317-843-9911


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Sublime141 McKinley Employee

Thank you for letting me know that this hasn't improved. I'm so sorry this hasn't gotten any better. I'm personally visiting the noisy neighbors today. I am here to help and that's what I'm going to do. Please give me a call in the office when you get a chance.

Thanks again,

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I went through the same thing. I didn't want to cause trouble, but the noise was so bad the lights in the kitchen rattled everytime the child above ran or jumped...which was all the time. I felt bad because I know the child has to play, but I blamed the parents because they should know better. They also threw trash off the deck down below, and would put their dog out on the deck for long periods of time and it would potty. My outdoor carpet smelt like pee...once I was out on the patio and I actually got peed on! I just chalked it up to the fact they were very young and did not care. These people have just moved out and I'm praying the next tennant does not have children. I think it would be nice if Carmel Woods had certain areas where older, or single tennants who aren't in to alot of partying could live. I have nothing against children, but like you said the walls are thin. Kat