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There seems to be a common theme of complaints since Chad has left. While not knowing the reasons for his departure, I have to agree that the community is not doing their best to follow-through or keep up on items of great importance....such as the POOL!!!<br /> <br /> I have lived here almost 5 years and I have never seen that pool look so disgusting. When visiting the pool Saturday, I specifically went in the office and asked that someone come over and either shock the pool or do whatever they needed to do to make it at least desirable enough to want to get in. Only to find out Sunday (yesterday) when I took my children to the pool, it looked even more disgusting. You cannot even see in the deep end, it is green and it looks like algae. I also mentioned that there is a film of scum over the entire surface of the pool due to tanning oils because the shower is not even working for anyone to wash off before they enter the pool, the reply I received "There's a shower out there?" Another chief complaint about the pool? WHERE'S THE ROPE? And if you intended to not put the rope up then you should have at least removed the rusted screws and bolts from the sides of the pool. My daughter was injured yesterday playing when she didn't see them. She gashed her stomach open pretty good, fortunately there was another resident at the pool that had some band-aids and anticeptic to clean it. Unfortunately my daughter's day at the pool was ruined because she couldn't get back in the pool since it was so disgusting I didn't want her getting an infection from getting in the dirty pool water.<br /> <br /> I am emphathetic that you are understaffed; however, that pool is a health risk and needs to be maintained accordingly.

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I am a new resident in this community and I am extremely disappointed with maintenance. I agree 100%, the pool should either be cleaned out or closed. It is a health hazard.

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Pool is gross....

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chrisstringer McKinley Employee

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has an opportunity to come check out the pool. We have been working to make the pool a great place to relax and enjoy. We look forward to seeing you there. Stop in and say hi.

I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July.