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Almost every week you read or hear of an apt complex devastated by fire. In your next newsletter you might want to impress upon your residents to PLEASE be extra careful in the kitchen, making sure that smoking materials are propery extinguished and making sure that children don't have access to matches/lighters. Also to be care- ful not to overload an electrical system. You've got the idea. By the way - I think the office and maintenance staff are awesome!'s picture
lmoubray@mckinl... McKinley Employee

I think this is a WONDERFUL idea and I super appreciate you being a great neighbor and resident at Carmel Woods apartments. We will certainly add a section in our monthly newsletter addressing the areas you mentioned above as well as others. We can all do our part to keep Carmel Woods beautiful and a great place to live!

Thanks again!

Leslie Moubray
AVP/Regional Property Manager
Mckinley, Midwest Region

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Great idea Sugar! I love it. I will do my part in making sure this gets added to the news letter! Maybe this month will be awearness month for the Carmel Woods News Letter...

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ShawnaVanB McKinley Employee

What a helpful idea....LOVE it!

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AlbertLBerriz McKinley Employee

Fantastic idea, thank you!

I completely agree that the team at Carmel Woods is outstanding!


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Another good idea that goes along with this is to discuss what to do if the fire is blocking the front door, which in our case is also the stairs. Having young kids, it is so important to have a plan in place to get out of the second story and to saftey. One thing I have not done yet but think is great are thoes rope ladder things that are suppose to hook under 2nd story windows. We do have a "kid" sticker on their bedroom window for firefighters.