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Feedback Question for Brandywine

Are you aware that their are residents living in this community that are registered sex offenders? Their address, pic, and details of their crimes are available on

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lisabobzienrockacy McKinley Employee


We are aware that two individuals are coming up as registered sex offenders to our community. Neither one of these people were ever lease holders here, unfortunately, they moved in with other residents against our policies. We take the sex offender registry very seriously and I personally run an updated list every month. As soon as I saw that we had people register to addresses within our community I notified the residents and law enforcement of this violation of our policy.

Neither one of these people live here--nor do the original people they moved in with. We worked very swiftly to remove the lease-holding residents from our community for violation of our policies--allowing unauthorized occupants to move in with them.

I have signed affidavit's with IMPD verifying that these people do not live here and are waiting for these addresses to be removed from the list. Unfortunately, that process isn't as quick as we would like it. Until the paperwork goes through IMPD (I signed months ago) or until these individuals re-register our address will continue to appear--which is frustrating and can be unsettling, for those like you who look this information up!

Thank you so much for your attention and care for our community!


Lisa Bobzien Rockacy
Senior Community Manager