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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I have been at this complex for almost a year now, my lease is up in 14 days!!!! YAY!!!! I used to live here years ago when it was Heron's Cove, and loved it back then. So when I decided to move back to Orlando, of course this was my first choice! I really haven't been having many problems until recently. I reported over a month ago, that I had a huge leak in my ceiling from the rain. I stay on the 2nd floor, so, when it rains the ceiling in my bedroom leaks. The carpet has been drenched a number of times, and has actually ruined a few pairs of my shoes. I took pictures, and showed them to several people in the main office. I always get the same response...We will be over there this week to fix it. 4 weeks later, I have this huge hole in my ceiling, growing mildew!!!! Around 2,3,4 and even 5 in the morning, I hear little critters tugging at the ceiling, apparently trying to get in!!!! When I explained this to the new maintanance manager, he said, "Well, they can't get in because of the slab of concrete there", or something to that effect. Really??? Are you kidding me? This is apparently the 2nd time this leak has occured, because I can see where they painted over apparently DUCK TAPE to "fix" the leak last time!!!! Are you kidding me? When I asked at the front office if we would have to move because of the mold, the guy said "No". I then asked, well, what if I want to switch appartments, how many 2 bedrooms do you have available. He said 1 unit which I think will be rented this week. I said, well, if you have to move me to a 3 Bedroom apartment, how will that work? He said, "then your rent will go to $949"! I laughed because I thought he was joking. He was apparently serious!! Now logically, if you have a tenant whose ceiling is about to cave in, and she doesn't feel comfortable staying there, due to the growing mold on the ceiling and the vents, surely, you would accomadate them by any means right? Wrong! They are all about the bottom line here!!!!! Let's not forget I have not seen Pest Control since I moved in almost a year ago!!!! All they seem to know how to do here is grab a paint brush, a can and paint over the problems! That seems to be their solution for everything! Don't think about not paying the rent because of your issues! They will evict you and keep your items, and then have maintanence come fix your problems the next day when they kick you out!

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Thanks for the reply but, I have been told the same thing for a month now. I can't even sleep in my bedroom because the critters are scratching at that hole in the middle of the night, all night long. So, now, I am sleeping on an air mattress in my dining room to get sleep at night because my boyfriend has to be to work everyday at 5AM, and I have to be up at 6AM!!!

No one came by the apt. yesterday to look at the ceiling in my bedroom, but, I do have some awesome pictures I can post if you would like to see it!

You know what? Someone did come by the apt. yesterday! They dropped off a lease renewal form and it gives me until tomorrow to decide if I would like to take advantage of the "discount" if I decide to stay. Classic! No repairs are done after an entire month, but, would you like to renew your lease? UUUUMMMM, I'll think about it....