Nobody answers the phone and the voicebox is full

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Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

Hi, my name is Justin, i work 2 jobs full time, due to my hours I am unable to physically go to the leasing office to get my "unique name id". I have tried to call numerous times over the last week, but nobody will answer the phone and now your voice messaging box is full. Is there any chance you can email my name id so i can pay my rent?

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meralis.lopez McKinley Employee

Good morning Justin,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding our telephone lines. I want to ensure you have the correct telephone as this has changed. I will be in the office from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and would love to help you log in to our on-line account center. I have your unique Id number ready for you.

I am sorry for any inconveinence this may cause. I can be reached at (407) 574-5300, e-mail or if you prefer, I can call you at your convenience.

Thank you!

Meralis Lopez
Community Manager
Bella Capri Apartments