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Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

I'm getting denied access to the maintenance request page from the home screen so I'm posting it here. My name is Benjamin Pirkey and I live in 4936, Apt. 205. Our freezer has 2 problems:<br /> 1) The icemaker is broken<br /> 2) The temperature seems too warm even on the coldest setting.<br /> I would appreciate if we could get someone to come by and fix our problems.<br /> Thanks.<br /> You can reach me at 727-479-8746 though I will be unavailable from 4pm -7pm today as I will be in an exam at UCF.

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meralis.lopez McKinley Employee

Good afternoon Benjamin,

I have placed a new service request for your apartment and will have someone take care of this as soon as possible. I would love to have a chance and speak with you regarding the error page to ensure you have full access to our website. I know you currently have an exam and I do not want to disturb but please feel free to reach out to me at your earliest convenience at (407) 574-5300.

I look forward to taking care of your concerns and getting you set up online correctly.


Meralis Lopez
Community Manager
Bella Capri Apartments