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ANGIOM's picture
Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

For the past 20 months I've been living in this apartment and twice I made my concern for the need of a light fixture in the bonus room with the previous owners. I finally decided to get my own fixture and yesterday I went to the office to ask If I could install it by myself or if maintenance had to do it. They told me that maintenance was in charge of doing that but they also told me that most likely the fixture would become property of McKinley. Which is a big surprise, a negative one at that. If I'm paying for the lamp it's common sense that it is my property. If it can be installed it can surely be uninstalled whenever I decide to leave. I would need to know If it can be installed and still be mine. If McKinley wants to claim ownership over something I paid for then I'm definitely not gonna have it installed and I guess you guys would have to install a fixture from your own stock because I'm not gonna keep having that room in darkness. If you could tell me as soon as possible this information I would appreciate it. I have a limited amount of days in which I can return the lamp and get my money back.<br /> <br /> Thanks!

lcortez's picture
lcortez McKinley Employee

Hello Angel!

Wow this is very concerning feedback that you gave the office staff at Bella Capri. I feel so bad that we gave you such faulty information. I would be more then happy to resolve this issue for you and appoligize for not resolving it sooner. Please email me directly with your phone number so that I can set up an appointment with you to resolve your maintenance concern.

Thank you

Levi Cortez
Community Manager

ladybug33704's picture

I would love to know the answer to this as well
Because i was looking into installing one as well
and was told if we had someone from maintenanace install we might be charged a fee