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Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Hi all, just a quick note here. As my boyfriend and I went for our evening walk last night I noticed that the rearmost section of Azure does have a little more lighting back there now. That's great; thanks millions for getting more lights up. Could one or two more be added to make it just a wee bit brighter? I'm not too sure where to put them, but in some areas it's still kinda dark.

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Yes, and it's still very dark in the back of the complex. Several of the corridors in front of people's front doors are also pitch black. Lots of lights are out all over the place. Lighting is very poor all over the complex, and that's very very dangerous. Now it's October, the days will be getting shorter, and it'll be dark by 6pm. Since the treadmill doesn't work, I can't use that to walk on. The lights in the fitness center are all out too, except for the little LEDs in the ceiling fan. Whoop de doo! I don't want to walk alone after dark or work out in the dark. No woman should face that. This is begging for problems later down the line....think about it....

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Check this video; this happened yesterday in broad daylight (Oct 4 2010). My friend posted this on her Facebook page because this is the robbery that occurred to her friend's house while he was out welcoming his first baby into the world:

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And that was in broad daylight. Imagine how much more encouraged someone would be in darkness.

This is why lighting is crucial around here.