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Rude neighbors

Feedback Problem for El Mar Apartments

Curious if any other bottom floor tenants have nuisance neighbors that are heavy walkers or are clomping around in shoes? Is it just apt 219 that likes to do that and drop/drag items on the floor? If anyone knows the girl in 219 could you express my irritation with her? Complaints to management and even a note from me haven’t slowed her bad habits down. I don’t know what else to do...

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Junk ...

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Given how nice you want this place to remain. May be you can ask the individuals above me too take their blanket inside or have it on their porch instead of hanging over it. Also would be nice to have rubber bands and broken coffee cup picked up in hallway.

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Stolen Wreath in Building 7

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Fellow residents of building 7, A handmade wreath that was a gift from my mother was stolen from my door last night (ground floor, apartment 9). I don't care who took it or why, but I want it back. Management, are there cameras in the hallways or anything to help narrow down who took it? Thank you...

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Online payment

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I cannot use the portal to pay my rent

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Thank you!

Feedback Praise for Silver Lake Hills

Laurie is the best! She’s always prompt, knowledgeable, helpful and happy! Couldn’t imagine anyone else to deal with! She’s great! Thankful to have her as a contact source to help me with my questions or issues, if any! We love Laurie!

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package delivery

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

I was wondering if i could possibly have some packages delivered to the leasing office. I ordered a bunch of Christmas stuff and forgot I will be out of town this weekend and don't want to leave it until Monday. It will only be a few small packages...

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Keeps Dripping

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

This is the third request to change the faucet in the bathroom. It doesn't close all the way and it stays dripping the entire day. Also, The light in the closet went out. If you could please change that as well...

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Bicycle Taken From Bike Rack

Feedback Problem for Arbor Flats

My son's black 2017 SE Draft bike was taken from the bike rack sometime this past week. It was locked up and whoever took it left the lock behind. It is registered with TPD and a police report has been filed. The seat is broken, has a rusted chain, missing rear reflector, and scratches on the handles bars and middle bar so it will be easy to identify (along with knowing the serial number)...

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Feedback Problem for Portofino

I want to report that last night they stole my car, they took the tool box and the official documents of the car, we live in 5744 the car was parked in front of the trainner offices in front of the laundry where there is a camera please check paying a lot of money we are not sure

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Feedback Question for Serena Winter Park

Hello, Any way a walkway can be made alongside the tennis court from the parking lot towards the dog park? Most of us in the building that pass by there, are forced to go through the grass, thank you