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Wasp nests

Feedback Problem for SoHo Flats

There has been an active wasp nest at building 1409 upstairs near apartments 11 or so.

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Mailbox Won't Open

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I haven't been able to open my mailbox for about a week. Is this a maintenance issue or do I contact someone else?...

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Feedback Problem for Arbor Flats

PICK UP YOUP PETS POOP! Its staggering how many piles throught our community. On the sidewalk, NEXT TO THE PET POOP station, by someones window AND the childrens playground. Thats only a few. Please... please PLEASE pick up after your pet.

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Lawn maintenance

Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

The lawn guys are torching all of ours plants! Some people spend a lot of money and time on their plants and then the guys come and literally blow AT our plants and knock them over, kill them or break them. I understand blowing the hallways, but if they could avoid literally torching the actual plants that would be great. Thank you

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If my car gets towed we gonna have problems!

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Its not fair that i live in building 3330 and i have to park 3 4 building away that’s unacceptable! When in the parking of 3330 theres car with no Residents stikers! I will park anywhere near 3330 and if my car gets towed we gonna have problem, I pay rent to live in 3330 not 3-4 building away!

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Feedback Problem for Westshore Flats II

Is anyone else having A/C problems? Mine keeps going up to 85 which is absorb. This place is already outdated enough. I don't want to come home to my place smelling of mold...'s picture

Thick Sleet of ice outside Building 2133 in the walking path.

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hi Team, There is thick sleet of ice outside building 2133 (back side) walking path. They are getting bigger because of its shallowness and water gets accumulated finally freezes. Please spray more salt.

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1021 ice

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

There has been terrible ice in front of the door of building 1021 all day. I fell once and almost fell 4 other times. Shaded areas did not melt today and require salting!

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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

My Lease Will Be Up Soon, Im just curious about what the terms may be If I were to leave early or break my lease?

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Driers not working properly

Feedback Problem for Schoolhouse Flats

The driers never finish drying the clothes, even on the high temperature option, with a low load. The drier on the far right barely works.