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Feedback Question for Riva

Im just checking in on bldg 4785, I heard smoke alarm for about an hour and smelled fire coming from a neighbor downstairs this morning but I had to leave for work shortly afterwards. Ive called the office several times to check on it but no answer.

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Washing machines and dryers

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Washing machines and dryers are not working. Can you check, please? Thanks

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Police chase

Feedback Question for Riva

Anyone know why the helicopter and police are running around under our balconies and in the trees right now. A few weeks ago I was scared because we heard gunshots in the woods and I reported it. Now there seems to be a full manhunt for someone. And all it says in police website is a car break in. This isn’t because a car was broken into. What’s going on? Should we feel safe?'s picture


Feedback Problem for The Ponds

So if you one day late on rent you wanna send a eviction notice basically or a threat but I been asking for heat for a month and still can’t get heat I can’t even have my kids at home Cause it’s 40 degrees I literally pay rent for nothing and I’m reporting this to hudl! And if I don’t get my heat fixed I ain’t paying no rent ! Cause this ridiculous asf !

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Feedback Question for The Courtyards

It’s so cold. Is the heat not on or up. Whole house freezing for last two days. I know for sure my door could be guarded better because it’s air coming in.

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Wiil, your visit was appreciated!!

Feedback Praise for Westwood Suites

I'd like to share some praise for the new Property Manager Will, who personally visited my home this evening at 7:45 PM, after his working hours to follow up on some hot water issues. Will informed me that the technicians would be working to resolve the hot water issues. Will, you and your personal response are absolutely appreciated and commendable. You are a valued asset to McKinley and thank you sir!!...

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Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

It seems that it is quite dark around the complex at night lights are not working which makes itvery dangerous for tenants.

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Feedback Problem for Portofino

Everyone be weary of your deliveries when I came home tonight I seen 2 different apartment empty Amazon packaged in the parking lot all contents gone.

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Building 3119 doesn't have water

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

I woke up really late to no water in my apartment, in 2937

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Missing Packages from USPS

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Hi, I was expecting a package to be delivered on Tuesday, December 3rd. I would like to know if you have the package by any chance?