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issue with bugs

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

I need pesticides sprayed, but I would like a pest control to check out my apartment. I have random bites the past couple of days. Do I need to call one myself or how does it work? (office is closed on the weekend)

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Parking Ramp

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hey Tower, my car is a trusty car. She gets me from A to B. Unless A is the bottom of a snowy parking ramp and B is my parking spot. I've parked out front, in one of the only available spots. Can you please notify me like you did for that car the other day if this is a problem, because you haven't in the past and I'm not trying to pay another 200$+ tow charge. Also how much does the "premium" parking cost. Thanks...

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Feedback Question for The Tower

Does the $250 gift card apply to someone who signed a lease for 2019-2020 back in the fall?

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How to apply when transferring?

Feedback Problem for The Tower

I'm trying to re-apply online to transfer to a new apartment in the same building. How do I go about doing that. The apply link in the top corner won't work. When I fill it out and it says "This application cannot be used for on-site transfers or pending applications. Please contact your local leasing office."...

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Window cover instillation

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hi, I know you are currently doing AC cover installations (thanks!), but I heard that the Towers does window cover instillation (same reasons as the AC covers). I was wondering if this was still offered?

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Feedback Problem for

The light on the lampost at the end of the building is burned out. Its located near walgreens.

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Pests inside apartment

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Please come and spray pesticide inside our apartment as more and more pests are showing up on a daily basis. Thank you.

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Complaint Letter

Feedback Problem for

Hi! We are residents from FF320 and we want to complain some problem! During this weekend, my roommates and I were suffering from late night electronic drum and rhythm! That was horrible nights! We couldn't sleep until the someone stop their entertainment around 3 am. So, could you help us to inform the other residents who live around FF Units? Please don't play electronic music after 12 at night! We are all graduate students burdened with studying pressure and we really need a good sleep every day. Thank you!...

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wifi password for gym

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Can you please provide me with the wifi password for Mckinley Guest wifi? my previously saved password no longer works, thank you!

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No propane AGAIN.

Feedback Problem for

So for about the 10th time since I have lived here for over two years the propane is out yet again? I also put a maintenance request in to fix the left burner on the grill that has been broken now for about 3 months. I understand that there isn't someone on the property to manage it 24/7 but at this point it feels like the property has been negelected and almost given up on. Please feel free to reach out to me by phone if need be it's just frustrating to pay the rent we pay and simple things aren't managed or taken care of. -James...