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the building sign has been down

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

my building number 1830 has been down for a while since work has been done on the wall.

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when will the laundry be working?

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

the laundry room near 1830 will be working anytime soon?

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Dog poop

Feedback Problem for The Springs

I don't have a problem with people with pet , I just tied of coming to my apartment and people are Not deposing of their pet poop just laying out on the front of the apartment...

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Laundry room

Feedback Question for Celano Apartments

I’ve forgotten the code for the laundry room. What is it?

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Plumbing Issue

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Thank you for Mohammad for your quick response when I called the office late yesterday afternoon regarding the plumbing situation in our building. He was working on the issue until late last night with the plumber and then came back this morning to check to make sure everything was ok! I appreciate his help and his dedication to make sure our problems are solved. He even helped us out on a completely unrelated issue and found jumper cables for us to use!

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Late fee

Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

Why am I being charged a late fee if I paid the balance due on my account on time???!

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Car break in

Feedback Problem for The Villas

I just had a car break-in by building 8. It would be nice to have cameras around the property.

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Thank you shana Kahn!!

Feedback Praise for Serena Winter Park

I am so sorry for expressing anything negative. There is always a solution. Shana Kahn, the manager listened, and responded. We figured out why. Thank you for everything. We are so grateful!

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Feedback Problem for Esperanza Apartments Homes

Please alert the maintenance team of the proper garbage and recycling days. Tuesday AM garbage only Friday AM garbage and recycle We look silly when the recycle cans are put out on Monday. Thank you!