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Not acceptable.

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

So I signed up for a gym due to the lack of care of this place but I went to visit this morning. To my shock sign was gone. I hoped for improvements but all u did was remove the door lock so ANYONE can now go in and do as they please. And u got a seat for the bike. If this is the standards you are putting since the rent was raised Then we might need someone from above the front office in here and see how it’s being run. I don’t think it’s fair you want rent on time but can’t take care of anything here. I saw you invested in the road and put visitor parking only to have the same issues. People...

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Repair no good 3 times came and no good. Cold water.

Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

Hello. Nothing is good. 3 times came here to do the repair and nothing is good now the water here do not warm anymore. Now I dont have hot water in shower, tap kitchen and tap bathroom. Today me and my wife do not take shower. I pay the rent every month I pay all the fees and Amalfi dont worry only wanna the money and fucked the clients this is a shame. You must change the piece not repair anymore I dont have hot water at my home not a place. When wiil make me happy..........

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Construction on S. Maple

Feedback Question for Park Place

Does anyone have information as to when the construction on South Maple will be finished? The construction has been causing serious shaking in our apartment, things have started falling off our walls. Thanks!

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Barbecue Station Doesn’t work

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

I live here for 4 months and I could never use the barbecue because it is always broken. I pay my rent always in advance and in full, but I can not use it. I want to know when it will be fixed or I want to discount my rent for this time without having a full service.

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Late Fees

Feedback Question for Spruce Knob

How do the late fees work pertaining to rent?

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The FANTASTIC Conway Forest Apts

Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

My husband & I just want to give a HUGE thank you to Whitney Maria& all our wonderful maintenance men Walter, Ranin & the others. My husband & I have lived here for many many years and I must say we could not imagine living anywhere else. They do now (thank you Whitney) and always have treated us like family ! Not to mention taking pristine care of our complex. If you are looking for an excellent warm wonderful place to call home look no further ! Conway Forest is "THE REAL DEAL" ! Theee best ! <3 Looking forward to yet ANOTHER great year ! Our new Maintenance...

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water heater pipe broke

Feedback Problem for Brooklyn Flats

Our water heated pipe bursted. a bunch of gunk came out of it. Now it is leaking water.

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My car

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

The development found my car.

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Laundry Room payment issues

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

The app to pay for laundry is not allowing my to add funds. It’s been almost a week since I last tried. Please fix!'s picture


Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Buenas tardes estaba llamando pero no contestan en el building 3344 la muchacha de arriba encontro dos personas hombres teniendo relaciones en las escaleras ellas se asusto.. estan sucediendo cosas que uno no sabe si no la dicen la otra es las luces no hay claridad no prende el foco todo a oscuro yo creo que deberian de arreglar y tercero una personas esta dejando las bolsas de basura de su casa en las escaleras hagan inspecciones alrededores para q vean q hay muchas cosas q realmente se necesita arreglar