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Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

when will the pool open?

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Carlyle Grill

Feedback Question for Carlyle Flats

Can we have some propane pleaseeeeee! Thanks!

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Towing not being done

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I called in February about a car that needed to be towed, had a note stating they would supposedly kick up week of Feb 15 and they hadn't. Told office and they made it seem as tho it would be towed... It's now may... That's a little disappointing.The car is still there, no resident sticker, and in a visitor spot. There's already not enough spots here. Can you guys post the tow company number so I can just call myself please? I know it gets busy but before it was said the tow company would be regularly checking n towing cars that didn't belong and it's been proven...

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

People are CONSTANTLY propping the outside doors to my building open. I came back last evening and both the front and back doors were wedged open. I closed them both. Woke up this morning and they were both propped open again. This is absolutely not acceptable to me and happens at least 5 times a week every week.

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Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Why isn’t there a number posted for when a car gets towed? This has happened multiple times and it’s very frustrating to have your car towed when you’re parked where you’re allowed to's picture

Repetitive power outages

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Power has gone out close to 10 times in less than 10 months. I have told the maintenance crew all 4 or 5 people that have to come to my door that it has happened multiple times and that it was when I ran my stove. They replaced my stove then it continued to happen. I let them know again and they actually replaced the stove again...??? Why are they called maintenance if they can't maintain a one bedroom apartments power. My rent should not be $900/month if they can't fix something as simple as a short in a connection...

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Loud Car Radio

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Excuse the language in this but I'm a little heated right now; There's an inconsiderate jackass near my building that blares his car radio waking literally everyone up and he comes by at least everyday, to do this shit. I shouldn't have to resort to "Calling the cops" On him, he's apparently a resident, that should make it the building manager's job to make him stop. I was literally trying to sleep and hear his damn car, this is the SECOND time today. Pretty sure it's one of my upstairs neighbors but am unsure. All I know is, it NEEDS TO STOP. This is a...

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Lawn Maintenance Trespass

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

This afternoon my boyfriend was at our apartment and noticed one of the men blowing leaves and debris had jumped my fence. He quickly came out of the apartment to ask the man why he was on our patio and he really had no answer for him other than he was blowing leaves. He did not knock or ask to clean up the mess he made but instead jumped my fence and was just standing there. This does not make me feel secure, and he had no reason to be on my patio. Please discuss this with this company and/or the supervisor. I have otherwise felt very safe here but knowing a stranger was in my home (in some...

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

la misma es para quejarme ya que lamentablemente hay una vecina que sale en ropa interior al balcón y tengo dos menores para que estén viendo ese tipo de espectáculo. entiendo que es su apto y que hará lo que sea ya que es su propiedad ella la paga pero para eso que busque una casa porque esto es un complejo y habemos muchos mas que vivimos aquí y con menores espero puedan resolver... para numero de apto me escriben al email. gracias

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Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

Pedro and Mohamed: you guys are the best!! Thank you for help me, so fast!!