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Feedback Problem for The Tower

After trying to open the paper tray of printer in downstairs nearly 15 minutes, I gave up. Am I doing something wrong?

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Feedback Praise for The Tower


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breakdown bill for utility

Feedback Question for

Hi office staff at Windmeadows, where in our account can we view the breakdown of the bill for utility that we pay to you together with the rent? In the "Pay Rent" tag, I only see a total of the utility, but no breakdown. We want to see the breakdown of this upcoming payment, as well as the past months to understand why it surges unusually for this upcoming payment. Thanks! Mey...

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when will the rent be updated

Feedback Problem for

Rent is due is 8 days and I still don't know how much to pay?!?!??!?! I always try to pay early, what is going on with the other company your dealing with, you need to switch asap or at least post our rent without utilities in the time being!!!...

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Amenity Area

Feedback Problem for

The fire pit isn’t working properly and the wine refrigerator doesn’t work either.

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My Apartment Already Has an AC Cover

Feedback Question for The Tower

I noticed my apartment listed for the a/c cover installation scheduled for Thursday 24th of January. My apartment already had the cover installed. Is this going to be replaced or is it just going to be inspected?

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Feedback Question for

Hi. Kurt, I should be in Gainesville on Friday, January 25, 2019. I travel from Campinas (Sao Paulo state) to Orlando tomorrow morning and I´ll be in Orlando at night around 9:00pm to 10:00pm. On Friday, I´ll be going to Gainesville. See you. Thanks. Alfredo

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Icy sidewalks

Feedback Question for

Good morning. Just wondering if we can get some salt on the sidewalks. I couldn't even walk to my car this morning...

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AC Covers for Apartments Not Listed.

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hi, I noticed in the schedules posted that my room number isn't within the list of those getting A/C covers. Is there a reason for this? My apartment has cold drafts coming in constantly and I've been fearful to touch the heat out of fear of the $300 dollar bills I see people posting about here. I'm also interested in the window sealings others have described...

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dog pee

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A dog (I hope), keeps peeing in the 6740 middle stairwell. The pee sits there for days and is disgusting and easy to step in if you aren't paying attention. Whoever's dog it is lives on either the 2nd or 3rd floor. I also see many dogs being walked without leashes. The stairwell is also always dirty...