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Feedback Problem for Esperanza Apartments Homes

Please alert the maintenance team of the proper garbage and recycling days. Tuesday AM garbage only Friday AM garbage and recycle We look silly when the recycle cans are put out on Monday. Thank you!

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Nice neighbors

Feedback Praise for Serena Winter Park

I love my new friends

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Abandoned furniture in building

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hello, someone has left their dismantled bed stacked at the end of the hallway in 8775. This is a real eyesore!

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Feedback Praise for Serena Winter Park

Words cannot describe Chloe and I's gratitude to the maintenance staff. Javier is an absolute angel! One of the hardest workers I have ever met. Whenever we have an issue, we call Cherise and she instantly puts in a work order for us. Within that day Javier pays us a visit and fixes our issues immediately!! I just walked into the laundry room and saw both Javier and the other gentleman working aimlessly to improve the water heating issue. We as a community are so lucky to have them and the amazing staff!! They do an excellent job at running this facility!...

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Manhattan Door

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The left door at the Manhattan entrance is broken... again.. I also put in a service request yesterday because the ceiling in my bathroom looks like there may be some water damage, it is turning a brown color and uneven. This just showed up over the last week.

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Washer in Building 2078

Feedback Problem for Park Place

The washing machine in building 2078 is out of order

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Laundry app

Feedback Problem for Park Place

What version of the laundry app do you guys have? Any one else have problems with the laundry app? Also thank you to my neighbors who helped me in laundry room 2062.

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Maintenance request

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

I had a leak going on and i just noticed it today under my kitchen sink. I put in a request and within an hour Mohammed was at my door and replaced my garbage disposal within minutes. He was awesome!

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Late fee

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Why was my account charged with a late fee? I never once had to pay a late fee on my account! As far as I know it’s until the 3rd of each month and then a late fee is supposed to be applied! If I would have made aware that the 3 day grace period had changed I would have made a payment earlier. I would appreciate if you could remove the late fee from my account out of courtesy. If you review my statements for the past 2 or so years I lived here I’ve never been late once!

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Need to Register New Car for Parking

Feedback Question for The Pines

Hello, I sold my car and bought another car. The license plate is the same, KEIG31, but the model is different. I now drive a Hyundai Accent SE, bronze color. I forgot to take the old parking decal off the car I sold. Can you please issue me a new parking decal and leave it in my mail box? I am working 8am to 6pm this week and can't come to your office during the normal office hours. Thanks, Nicholas Muller...