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Ugh! This place has gone down!

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Currently neighbors are BLASTING music, yelling, and having a full on party on a week night! It's after midnight! I called the police Per the advice from the office the last time I had an issue. This place used to be so quiet with nice neighbors, but after getting rid of security there's no one to regulate anything. The result...rude inconsiderate neighbors who make this place look low class. My lease is up in January and I can. Not. Wait. To get out of here...

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Barking Dog

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

I live in 1031 and I have no problem with animals, but I do have a problem when they are left home for super long periods of time and are barking. This is the 2 month in a row where someone dog has seriously barked for hours and hours. As of right now this poor dog has been barking since 5:30 and still barking. Please I am asking you to not forget you have neighbors who have early mornings and also want to enjoy their home too. Don't forget you have an animal at home.. thanks! Also, please note I am not trying to bash dog owners, I am just simply frustrated...

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Feedback Praise for The Parks

I just wanted to give a kudos and praise to the maintenance guy name Bruce that came to my address at 585 in the village of parks he was very nice and through in fixing my toilets upstairs and downstairs even took time the time out of fixing my downstairs toilet and fix my garbage disposal with no questions ask, this is type of person the village of parks need good working men like Bruce thank you Bruce for being such awesome worker :)

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control de plagas

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

hace una semana limpiaron los apartamentos de arriba y se han proliferado las cucarachas y chiripas en mi apartamento (1402), les hago la acotacion ya que hace varios meses que no hacen control de plaga en el mismo y creo que ya es necesario, a pesar de que gasto mucho dinero tratando de controlar las plagas siempre las tengo ahi presentes , una vez nos notificaron que iban a desocupar todos los apartamentos y que debiamos salir cuando fueran a fumigar en todo el edificio pero eso nunca paso por lo menos en el mio no fue asi

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goteo en sink de master bath y manilla de nevera rota

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

buenas tardes de la orden hecha hace un par de semanas quedo pendiente un liqueo que esta por debajo del sink del master bath y no ha sido corregido asi como la inspeccion para la remodelacion del mismo de igual manera tambien tengo problema con la manilla de la nevera la cual hace un tiempo atras fue reparada por el personal de mantenimiento sin embargo hoy nuevamente se ha roto y debe ser reemplazada lo ante posible ... muchas gracias por su atencion jose Guedez 4077321402's picture

My shower has been out for 2 week

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

My shower has been out for a 2 weeks. I have called office no answer. I even did an online work order. No one has returned my call. I am in apt 2208.

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Pago de renta por adelantado

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

Buenas tardes, Quisiera saber si hay alguna forma de poder hacer el pago de la renta por adelantado y como lo podría realizar

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Lost Amazon Fire tablet

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Hi, On 8/3 we have lost an Amazon Fire tablet somewhere in our community. Please let us know if anyone found. Thanks!

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Feedback Question for Meadowbrook Village

Is there a rash of car larceny starting up again?

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Dumpter area

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

oh boy, there is a lot of garbage piled up outside of the dumpsters. Have you considered building a privacy fence? I realize it probably can't be completely enclosed because the trucks need to access the area, but what about a partial fence around just the recycling bins? This would block the view of the garbage overflow, and would keep loose litter from blowing around the rest of the property...