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when do you renew your lease?

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

Do we renew our lease at the beginning of the month in which our lease may expire? Or was it suppose to be at the beginning of the year?

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Car break ins

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

two cars have been broken into this morning, I am not sure what is being done for the safety of our community but I have extreme anxiety coming in and going out of my apartment.

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Tree Down - Mckinley Responsibility

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

Hello, This is the second time a tree is going down in less that 6 months - both near building 1021. The incident today could have been potentially deadly. We just walked by the bridge a few minutes before this. While I understand we can't control nature, I feel the management must periodically check for branches that could collapse and take preventive action. The winds were not particularly strong today. I am not sure what caused this. The tree incident that occurred last October destroyed three vehicles. I kindly request the management to inspect trees near the parking lots and remove...

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Feedback Praise for Aria Beach

I feel very positive toward updates. Thank you. When I moved here my expectations was to live in a community that makes me feel comfortable. Now, I think we are moving forward. I loved the way I'm feeling now when I get into community. Hopefully, new administration meets my expectations above and beyond...

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Me abrieron un hueco en la pared del baño de mi apartamento el día jueves no puedo creer q el viernes no pudieron ir ah taparlo me esta comiendo la humedad y el mal olor mis hijos están el apartamento si se enferman quien va a responder, eso no puede ser me parece una irresponsabilidad!! Envíe un correo y nadie respondió!!!

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Tree fell in road, front parking area, 1021

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

Tree fell in road, front parking area, 1021! No idea how this happened. The road in is totally blocked.

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Gym code?

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

I wanted to go to the gym early in the morning but I need a code for it and I dont know what that code is. I thought it was with the key card of the past administration but is not.

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

I am so tired and disgusted over this roach situation. I have lived in The Pines for years and the roach problem never goes away. I even do my own pest control to slow them down, but now their coming through the vents and down the wall. I have kids so I keep my place very clean and this is disgusting. So sorry I agreed to renew my lease. This is getting to be unbearable.

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

I was looking for the resident handbook but cannot find it. Is it on the website yet?

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Noise violation procedure

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

Who do we contact *at the time of* noise violations that are before 10pm, and thus outside the jurisdiction of the Ann Arbor police? When I called the emergency maintenance line, as I thought was appropriate, they told me they only change light bulbs. Confronting the neighbors myself is not an option, as that would be a threat to my personal safety.