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No hot water

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

building 6 hasn't had hot water for DAYS...'s picture

The Lawn mowers and leaf blowers at 8 am has to stop!!!

Feedback Problem for Park Place

I will bot be renewing my leas because of the super loud noises in the early almost every morning!!!!

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Found debit card in parking lot!

Feedback Question for Spruce Knob

Hey everyone, I found a debit card this morning in the parking lot infront of the 2940-2946 buildings. Name on the card is “Matthew Ramirez”. I will drop it off at the office when they open. I will have it in our apartment until then. If it is yours go ahead and give me a buzz. Apartment 2942 2a.

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Pay Rent

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

How can I pay this month rent using a different bank account?

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I really wish the new people with the German Shepherd dog would stop letting their dogs crap right by my door and then leaving it there and also right in front of my patio fence in the bushes. I have small children who walk into the grass by the door every day. I hate smelling poop when I open my door. We pay too much to live in filth, trash is all over the place. At least include something in the rent if we have to live like it is the ghetto.

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Feedback Praise for Aria Beach

She has been the most professional Mckinely Aria Beach Team Memeber I have dealt with since Mckinely took over. Issues are resolved quickly. Always professional. You rock! Thank you for everything

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Maintenance Crew

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Our crew of Maintenance Guys are some of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Always in a good mood, happy to be of assistance and always professional!!!

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Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Neighbor who said he would help me once a week for 5 minutes to take my garbage to the dumpster, you told me to call you...I forgot your name and I don't have you phone number, if you are reading this...Happy Thanksgiving and as for the assistance? Anytime that is convenient for you. I know it's not snowing, but my back is just not being a really good friend to pain and worse friend to me...

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Light bulbs

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

The lights bulbs in my kitchen don't work and I already submitted a request to Mantainece...

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

How are residents cars being towed when visitors are present and taking our parking spots leaving no choice but to park on the side, I pay to live here I shouldn’t be inconvenienced or penalized for VISTORS taking all the spots I was towed last night!!