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Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Why was one of the guest spaces taken away by the shed during the reseal of the parking lot? If this is for the McKinley van to park there (which I haven't seen it there yet), this seems like an awfully horrible reason to erase a guest spot that was extremely valued by those that actually live here. Once again our complaints about visitor parking fall on deaf ears and this shows yet another example of a lack of empathy for those that live here...

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Excellent Work

Feedback Praise for Traver Ridge

It makes a big difference each time Carlos is sent to the buildings and cleans the hallways/stairs. He is professional and the attention to providing a clean and attractive entry for renters. It is a big job made more difficult with the winter ice melt and mud from the driveways. He always is cheerful.Wonderful employee!

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Early Noises

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Noise has always been a problem in our apartment, whether it be the people above us or the cars outside of our window - but after a few months of waking up to the trash/recycling trucks routinely at 6am we started sleeping with earplugs every single night. While this makes sleeping mostly manageable, one thing that continues to be a problem is the early leaf blowing. I understand the grounds crew wants to get it out of the way early and everything, but is 7:50am necessary? My job requires me to work late, as I am sure I am not the only one, and its just ridiculous to me that despite already...

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So I guess Door trash is a thing?

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

So I've been coming home late alot, and I've noticed that more and more tenants seem to just leave their trash bags out over night? it's always fun walking by and seeing a racoon hiss at me for passing by while it happily munches on peoples leftovers. I get it having one location for dropping out trash sucks but it's what we have and well yea what can we do? just trash the place in defiance?? we already have an influx of ducks and now raccoons running about. Rant over, Everyone do as you like, just don't get mad when you get billed or BS'd at for being lazy and...

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Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Buenas Noches.... en oportunidades una senora de la torre siguiente ha tocado mi puerta para exigirme bajar el volumen de mi television cuando son las 3pm y en la otra oportunidades no pasan las 8pm, se que la norma es que despues de las 10 pm se debe bajar el volumen de musica y en caso de tener una reunion... me molesta porque llega de forma grosera y violenta.... yo tengo dos hijos un bebe de 8meses de edad y la nina de 4 anos se asusto toda por los gritos de esta mujer! los vecinos que estan justo a mi lado ninguno ha presentado ninguna queja, y mucho menos los que estan arriba de mi apto...

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Pests inside apartment

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Please spray insect/roach killer AGAIN inside apartment as we are seeing small cockroaches all over house, especially in kitchen area again. Thank you.

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Feedback Question for Westshore Flats II

When are the new mailboxes being installed?

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People aren't leashing their dogs

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

My roommate have noticed on multiple occasions that resident dog owners are not leashing their pets in the morning. This is becoming a problem for the rest of us that do leash their dogs. The owner of a dalmation has repeatedly let their dog roam free. We've also seen the owner let the dalmation use the bathroom anywhere without cleaning it up. The owner of a 50lb grey/white older dog has growled at us multiple times while being unleashed. Please address this so the complex is cleaner and safer...

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Playing music at mid night and early morning

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I'm staying at 4808 1b, my under Neath TB building playing music in mid night and early morning. Talk to office many times but issue not resolve. Can you help us? If not find another house? Can fix it ?...

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Air vents

Feedback Praise for Windmeadows

Thank you so much for installing new air vents in my apartment! I now have AC in my kitchen and dining room. The room-to-room temperature is so stable now that I no longer have to dress for different seasons when I move from one room to another. The vents were replaced and angled so that the air flows from room to room. I so much appreciate maintenance fixing this problem.