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Que sucede con la pagina de Bellagio? Por que me bloquearon el pago online? DESEO PAGAR Y NO ME DEJAN.

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Desde el viernes 01 de noviembre he intentado pagar con cheque (no los aceptan desde noviembre sin razón) y via online la pagina no funciona para pagar. Lo digo por lo siguiente: Primer intento de pago: fui a la oficina el viernes 1 de noviembre a pagar en cheque, no lo aceptaron. Segundo intento de pago: pague online el domingo 3 de noviembre y me salio numero de identificación de verificacion de pago. Pero el miercoles 6 pusieron un aviso de pago atrasado en mi puerta. Aunque no entendí el cobro de $260 extra igual volvi a pagar por 2da vez. El jueves 07 mi esposo logro hablar con la...

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Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

how much is the carport rent?

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Icey parking lots

Feedback Problem for The Villas

I do understand with the snow pouring down yesterday that it was hard to get the parking lots plowed. But I would appreciate it a lot if there was more salt out on the lots because they are full of ice and is very dangerous to walk and all the slush has turned into a very unstable icey surface

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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Is 11/12/19 at 18:20 at the gym there is a group of 6 kids monkey around and playing with the equipment really unresponsible. Plus the language they are using is awful. The rules of the gym says pretty clear "NO o e under the age of 16 permitted"...

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No more Amazon deliveries?

Feedback Question for The Villas

Hello Villa's new manager, I was told just today by Anthony that the Villa's is no longer accepting Amazon deliveries. I only found out today. According to the tracking, my order was left in the "mail room" which I assumed was at the leasing office. I also checked around the apartment building and I didn't see any packages. I wish I could have been told about this change sooner through the Villa's forum. I need someone to input my phone # to my intercom so I could at least get buzzed from downstairs. Sorry if I offended anyone, I simply want to know where my...'s picture


Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

Gracias a Christian por su profesionalismo y por su capacidad de resolver acontecimientos del día a día aquí en Monterey estoy muy agradecida , también a Sally y a Betzy

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Snow Removal

Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

This was not a very good snow removal job by your removal company! The Drives are all ice and the walks need attention along with dumpster area.

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Dishwasher and Ceiling Lights

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Greetings. This is a request from 9 - noon on Wednesday, November 13th: (1) The dishwasher motor and/or hose is not working properly; (2) The three stair case ceiling light fixtures have torn and missing barrier between the light bulbs and insulation creating what might be a fire hazard; and (3) Please have maintenance bring and use their own step ladder re liability in case of injury or fall (i.e., please do not use my step ladder). Thank you. TAE (PS The Maintenance Request Section Isn't Working)...

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Feedback Problem for Portofino

Toilet handle is broken.

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Package Stolen

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

I returned home to find my package from unit 9 missing. It was delivered Nov 7. Please return it.