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Cats, Strays and Pharaohs Oh My!

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Those lovely adorable pain in the rear disease-carrying animals is still a thing! What happened to the animal control unit? Oh, haha :-) they are still being fed on a daily basis and their food is located under the stairwell. Can we please have these animals removed before they give other animals/house pets rabies, yes, one of them had foam around its mouth. #IExpectResultsNotExcuses

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Aria Beach Week Six- Progress and Updates!

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

The front of the complex (on the main street of Semoran) Looks great! Trees, plants, irrigation, landscaping all look great with an open gate around the clock. Let's fulfill our maintenance orders and answer our questions as fast as you make changes to the outside of the complex. #IExpectResultsNotExcuses...

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Gated Community? #WePayForThat

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

We supposedly live in a gated community (That we pay for) that is not gated after business hours. It's actually an OPEN invitation to whoever wants to peruse our complex and go car shopping for accessories or just the car entirely. When will this be fixed and when do we receive our gate codes or cards? Your time and assistance would be greatly appreciated. #I expect results, not excuses...

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Work Orders

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

One question! When do the work orders get worked? #Ridiculous

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Ac down in building F

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I think the AC is out in building F. I normally have it pretty cool and it is noticeably warmer and not blowing out as cool.

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Feedback Question for Palio

How much are the garages in this complex?

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Pool hours

Feedback Question for Serena Winter Park

What time pool closes

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NO water in 2236 apartment #10

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

From Noon there is no water in 2236 apt#10

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Fix the holes in my wall

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

You guys replaced the windows in my apartment and left giant holes in the wall. Took down all the decorations in my room and left them on the floor. Come back and finish the work

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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Everyday in the entrance of the complex cars park in the exit and entrance to pick their kids up . It doesn’t let other cars come in or come out . There be 4 parks park on each side of the exit lane on each side making it difficult to get out through the middle of the road.