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Super icy sidewalks

Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

Mckinnley isn’t it your responsibility to make sure the side walks and walk ways are salted for residents’ safety...???

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Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I missed my December appointment but every time I call I get sent to voicemail nobidy returns call now I have gotten a letter and I still haven’t gotten any answer

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Doors in 2111

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hello, The doors in 2111 are making buzzing sounds and are unlocked. Is there an after hours number to call? This is a safety issue.

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Cigarette Smoke in 1830

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

I opened my door earlier today and was hit with a wave of stale cigarette smoke. As I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and also asthmatic, you can imagine this was a big problem. I managed to get the smell out of my apartment, but the hallway still stinks of it. There were also cigarette butts littered in the parking lot...

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Bldg 10 Laundry Room Flooding

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I just went to put laundry into the washer and opened the door to a completely flooded (like an inch of water) floor.

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Why don't we have assigned parking spots?

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

With all the road work done people could have been given parking spots and guest parking spots could have been in, so why hasn't that been done ?...

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This company is ridiculous

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Let me get this straight this complex is taking longer they were supposed to with re-stripping the parking spots and now all of a sudden you want to tow cars that park in handicap when people have been parking there for weeks because there are no spots I'm so done with this...

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Not acceptable.

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

So I signed up for a gym due to the lack of care of this place but I went to visit this morning. To my shock sign was gone. I hoped for improvements but all u did was remove the door lock so ANYONE can now go in and do as they please. And u got a seat for the bike. If this is the standards you are putting since the rent was raised Then we might need someone from above the front office in here and see how it’s being run. I don’t think it’s fair you want rent on time but can’t take care of anything here. I saw you invested in the road and put visitor parking only to have the same issues. People...

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Repair no good 3 times came and no good. Cold water.

Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

Hello. Nothing is good. 3 times came here to do the repair and nothing is good now the water here do not warm anymore. Now I dont have hot water in shower, tap kitchen and tap bathroom. Today me and my wife do not take shower. I pay the rent every month I pay all the fees and Amalfi dont worry only wanna the money and fucked the clients this is a shame. You must change the piece not repair anymore I dont have hot water at my home not a place. When wiil make me happy..........

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Construction on S. Maple

Feedback Question for Park Place

Does anyone have information as to when the construction on South Maple will be finished? The construction has been causing serious shaking in our apartment, things have started falling off our walls. Thanks!