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New ownership

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The maintenance guy said Sailpointe has been sold to a new company and is no longer owned by McKinley. Is this true?

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Work order that was completed

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Thank you for coming in to fix the repairs needed. I know it's cold out and I really appreciate the work that maintenance does whenever I put in a request....I'm not sure if someone was coming back to do another coat on the wall because you can still see the dent in the wall...if that's the best that can be done...that's fine..Still appreciative... Thanks...

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Feedback Problem for The Tower

Our heat in the living room stopped working today. All of the rooms work but not the middle room. We checked all the buttons and it starts to turn on at 80. We just feel like it is not right to have to crank the heat up to 80 to use it, because that will increase our bill.

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Electric Bill

Feedback Problem for The Tower

I'm currently in Ireland and I was just informed that my electric bill was over $200. My thermostat was set to 60 as of January 15th and I have unplugged and turned off most of my electronics. I am very confused as to how my electric bill is this much and I'd like to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. My mother will be following up as I don't have a convenient way of keeping in contact...

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Noise on the 5th floor

Feedback Problem for The Tower

Hello! There is some strange pulsating noise coming from the 5th floor, almost as though someone is running a vacuum or using a snow-blower. I checked and I don't believe that it is the washing machines/dryers. Does anyone know what this is?...

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Why are there NO UPDATES?!?!

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Why don't we have any updates about the water situation?...

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When will rent be posted?? 3 days before it is due and I do not have a rent bill...

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parking lot

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

The parking lot on 550 side needs to be plowed very badly

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Water outage

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It is 2pm can you advise when water will be back on